What is an Informal Conference?

An informal conference is a meeting to discuss allegations one-on-one with the Board. In order to respond to the allegations, you must be present at the informal conference. If you are not present, the Board will decide your case based on the evidence compiled by the investigator.

You will receive a copy of the evidence submitted to the Board by the investigator prior to the informal conference. The Board will set a deadline for submission of any other documents or materials you believe are relevant to their decision prior to the informal conference. Failure to adhere to the deadline could result in the Board disregarding additional evidence. You may subpoena necessary documents that you believe are relevant to the Board’s decision.

At the informal conference, the Board will review the allegations and the investigator’s report, as well as any information you have provided prior to the informal conference. The Board is able to ask you questions, and you will have the opportunity to respond to the allegations.

Informal conferences are public proceedings. The Board will decide whether you will be able to present any witnesses at the informal conference.