VDH COVID-19 Vaccine Recommendation, Deadline TODAY

The Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association, in conjunction with the Virginia Department of Health, recently gave a presentation on COVID-19 vaccination options for long-term care facilities when a vaccine becomes available. Slides from that presentation are available here. Long term care facilities have three options: (1) they can become COVID-19 vaccine providers, (2) they can use a local pharmacy, or (3) they can enter into a CDC Pharmacy Contract with a chain pharmacy. At this time, the Virginia Department of Health is strongly encouraging long-term care facilities to opt for the third option and enter into CDC Pharmacy Contracts. Facilities must elect to enter into these contracts today. Nursing homes can sign up through the National Healthcare Safety Network and assisted living facilities can sign up here.

If you or your practice have any questions about this recommendation, please contact Peter Mellette, Harrison Gibbs, or Elizabeth Dahl Coleman at Mellette PC.

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